Portada del libro Cap Roig Festival
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  • Páginas: 108
  • Formato: 30,3x24,7 cm
  • Fecha Edición: 2015
  • Edición: 1
  • Idioma: Castellano.
  • Encuadernación: Tapa dura - Cosido.
  • Cap Roig Festival

    Cinco años del mediterráneo al mundo

  • 9788499001326
  • Colaborador: Fundación Bancaria "La Caixa"

  • Specifications:
    Wingspan: 1450mm(57.09 inches)
    Length: 1198mm(47.17 inches)
    Weight: 2500g(88.18 oz)
    Prop: 15 inches Propeller
    Color: Silver
    Servo: 10pcs*9g,1pc*25g
    Motor: 4250 out-runner brushless KV580
    ESC: 60A Brushless(HobbyWing)
    Radio: 2.4G 6ch TX, 6ch RX
    Battery: 14.8V-2800mAh-20C Li-Po
    10A UBEC/Delay system/Electric retracts landing gear/LED lights/Pilot inlcdued/Decal applied

    Airfield's latest 6 Channel T-28 Trojan comes powered with a potent 4250 580KV brushless outrunner motor that provides sport aerobatic performance and powered climb with ease. Its tough EPO (Expanded PolyOlefin) construction is exceptionally resistant to damage but can be easily repaired with any medium-viscosity CA or epoxy.
    Modeled after one of the Cold War's premier military trainer aircraft, the brushless-powered Airfield's T-28 Trojan park flyer is a thrilling sport-scale experience that everyone from intermediate to expert pilots will enjoy. To get it flying, just attach the wing and tail while the battery is charging and Ready to Fly. With this model you get the looks and power of an outstanding flight performance from this beautiful scale detail T-28 Trojan. The beautiful silver and black US Air Force paint scheme will look beautiful in the sky or taxing on the ground. Not to mention, it comes with electrical retracts, LED guiding lights, a sporty 3 bladed propeller, flaps, pilot, and lots of goodies.

    Required to Fly:
    AA Batteries for Transmitter
    Build Materials
    Charger capable of 4S Li-Po Battery
    Assembly of Plane
  • 35,00 Eur
  • 33,25 Eur

  • * Envío gratuito a España.

  • En stock