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  • Idioma: Inglés.
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  • Editorial: ALJIBE
  • Errors in the second language classroom

  • 9788497006071
  • Autor: Juan De Dios Martínez Agudo

  • Errors in the Second Language Classroom: Corrective Feedback was written in response to an overwhelming demand from non-native teachers of L2/FL who wish to provide an effective feedback on learner's errors. The main purpose of this book is then to explore and synthesize insights into this issue from classroom-based observational research as well as teacher's experience and reflection. This book provides readers with a collection of original papers covering diverse aspects of error treatment in the second language classroom. In fact, this book provides an in-depth discussion on specific issues of error correction. This book is intended primarily for all those who teach a second language (L2) or foreign language (FL) anywhere in the world, under any circumstances, and who wish to know more about the issue of corrective feedback. It can also be used as a helpful reference text or handbook for student teachers. Likewhise, it can be used as a sourcebook for teacher educators.
  • 14,80 Eur
  • 14,06 Eur

  • * Envío gratuito a España.

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