Portada del libro Broadening horizons in tefl
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  • Páginas: 248
  • Formato: 24x17 cm
  • Edición: 1
  • Idioma: Inglés.
  • Encuadernación: Libro - Cosido.
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  • Editorial: ALJIBE
  • Broadening horizons in tefl

    21st century perpsectives

  • 9788497002257
  • Autores: María Del Pilar Montijano Cabrera, María Del Pilar Montijano Cabrera

  • Extracto de contenido: teaching foreign languages in the context of the knowledge society (J. Daniel Torres Olalla); the pragmatics of interaction: what we need to know to promote classroom participation (Teresa Morell Moll); reasons to integrate literature in the foreign language classroom (Sacramento Jáimez Muñoz); multiple intelligences theory as a framework for teaching english to teenagers in spanish context (Mª Carmen Fonseca Mora); cross-curricular activities in the secondary ‘monolingual’. Foreign language classroom (Simon Andrewes); teaching english as a foreign language in a world of new technologies: to add-in or to integrate, that’s the question! A comprehensive and integrated proposal (José Navarro Alcántara); learners’ autonomy, empowerment and self-direction in fl learning: a pedagogical reality (Mª del Pilar Montijano Cabrera); affect in foreign language teacher education (Jane Arnold); basic tools for research in language achievement: defining the essentials (Ángela Mª Montijano Cabrera).
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