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  • Páginas: 192
  • Formato: 27,3x18,3x2,00 cm
  • Fecha Edición: 2015
  • Edición: 1
  • Idioma: Inglés.
  • Encuadernación: Tapa dura - Cosido.
  • Peso: 0,84 kg.
  • Editorial: PROMOPRESS
  • Art is Trash

  • 9788415967347
  • Autor: Francisco González Ramos

  • Colaborador: Montserrat Borràs García

  • Traductor: Tom Corkett

  • Street art is conquering the world. All over the globe, urban areas are home to pioneering creators and artistic communities. Art is Trash, the nom de guerre for Francisco de Pájaro, has astounded not only passersby in the streets of London, Barcelona and New York, but also gallery owners and art curators who are hungry for straightforward, instinctive and honest artists. His work speaks explicitly to the public, denouncing corruption and abuse of power, and also demanding our reaction. Art is Trashs work has been exhibited in renowned specialist galleries in London and Barcelona and Dubai.;However, most of Art is Trashs work is ephemeral: he uses rubbish bags, abandoned furniture and debris to create art that works as a mirror for those who see it, reflecting our boundless, desperate consumerism and our obsession with power. It disappears fastsometimes as soon as it is finished. This book therefore fulfils the important task of collecting and recording the works and evolution of an artist who is surely on the cusp of transforming the streetand urban-art scenes on an international scal
  • 25,00 Eur
  • 23,75 Eur

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